What is this brand all about?

We believe that each of us wants to achieve our goals and have fun doing it. That is why we have built a brand for enthusuasts who are not afraid of reaching for their dreams. In our opinion, achieving goals and dreams should be accompanied by fun, adrenaline and pleasure. It is best to start from an early age, which is why we support kids in the fight for dreams. And what is better fun than spending time actively with friends, taking up new challenges and gaining more experience? At all times, Nuclear Strike products will give you even more fun and joy.


We design every Nuclear Strike product in such a way that it is unique. All of them have a sour taste – a symbol of rebelion and challenges. Every single product has an information about sour level from 1 to 9, so you can start on extremely sour level or going step by step. These are unique sweets that will give you a lot of joy during your everyday challenges! If you beliece join us at the sour side of the force! H5!

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